Steven Land
Rossi window compose

Window Paine jacket with solid vest and pant 

pleated pant 

classic fit 

Slim Fit Pic Stitch

2 Button Peak Lapel With Pic Stitch

Flat Front Slacks 

Steven Land Compose Suit

100% Wool Gabardine Plaid Blazer With Solid Gabardine Slacks

Pleated Pants


Steven Land DW748

100% Cotton circle and dot pattern 

French cuff 

Steven Land Leather Shoe

Leather Lace Shoe W/Detailing

Available in 4 colors

Steven Land Leather Sweater

Genuine Leather Trim Sweater 

Colors Tan/Black 

Leather Cap Available $65.00 

Steven Land Pin Dot Compose

Pin Dot Compose Suit with Slanted Vest 

fashion fit 

Steven Land Shirt DA1843

100% Cotton Phantom Plaid Shirt 

classic fit 

Steven Land Shirt DW1805

100% Cotton Iridescent Shirt 

classic fit 

3 colors available 

Steven Land Shirt DW720

100% Cotton French Cuff Fashion Shirt W/Collar Bar

2 Colors Available Red & Tan

Steven Land Shirt TA1729

Small Check Diagonal Cutaway Collar Shirt 

Steven Land Shirt TW1814

100% Cotton Argyle Shirt With White Color and Cuffs 

classic fit 

Steven Land Vested Suit

Window Paine Vested Suit 

Fashion Fit 

Pleated Pants 

StevenLand Compose Multi

Multi Check Blazer With Double Breasted Vest & Pant 

Fashion Fit 

Pleated Pants 

StevenLand Loafer

Steven Land Loafer with crystal pattern 

Wovan fabric 

available in 2 colors 

StevenLand Window Paine Suit

Gaberdine Window Paine Suit with Double Breasted Vest 

Pleased Wide leg pants 

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